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What kind of computer should I buy? Can you help set it up?
Do I need a regular dial-up or a DSL service? What are they?
How do I find the best deals in DVD players and home entertainment systems? Or a new TV? I need help in the setup?
Can you help me buy and install a printer or a scanner?
Why does my color printer only print black and white? Why is my computer slow? How do I burn a CD?
What is a modem? What is RAM? How big hard drive do I need? What are the viruses? Can they hurt me?
Can you help me build a web site? Is it expensive? How will people find it? Can I make money on the Internet?
These are just a few of the questions I hear.

I can answer all of them, and many more.


Erkki KantoDear Friend,

For years, time after time, I paid experts $75-$150 per hour to consult, build and fix my professional and home needs in the fast developing field of the new media, including computers, web sites and home and professional entertainment systems.

Then, rather than always depending on others' help, I started studying the subjects, becoming an expert in those fields myself.

Within the last four years, I have been able to help numerous regular consumers, organizations and corporations consulting in their computer setups, putting the systems together, building and maintaining their web sites, solving the problems in the existing setups and safeguarding them for the present and future. Also, what is close to me both professionally and personally, is the new, advanced home entertainment systems, DVD, VHS, VCR, video and audio and all those put together.

I would be happy to be your consultant and service person and installer, too. In most cases, I'm able to find you the best deals, as well as the best solutions to your problems. If for some reason, I cannot do that myself, I can direct you to a special expert in that field, or forward your equipment to the correct place of service.

Am I expensive? Not at all. My main profession is in television and motion picture production and media services. This is something that I just enjoy doing whenever time allows. I only charge $45 per hour, minimum charge 2 hours.

Call me and we can talk.


ask for Erkki (or "Ed")

Or, you may send an Email to

 I am located in Simi Valley, California, but I can travel to your home or business within 50 miles.

 With today's technology, I might be able to check or fix your PC computer using the special remote features on-line without leaving my office. This normally requires one physical visit at your computer, and then, in most cases, the rest happens by remote adjustments online. There can be some start-up expenses with this feature (buying a special software), but once it is working, I only charge $20 for each started half hour.

Thank you.

(P.S. Puhun suomea ja englantia.)

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